We Are a Pro Yamaha Dealer-Gold Status

What does it mean to be a Pro Yamaha Dealer?

Yamaha Dealers have been around for many years, but now when consumers are looking for a Yamaha Dealer they may find dealers that are designated as a Pro Yamaha Dealer.
Yamaha Motor Corporation put into place a program that helps consumers find the elite Yamaha Dealerships throughout the United States. The Yamaha Dealer must complete a rigorous list of requirements in order to earn this prestigious award. These requirements have three areas of expertise they need to achieve: Customer Service, Sales Knowledge and a Highly Skilled and Trained Service Department.


Service at a Pro Yamaha Dealer:

Customer service is determined by surveys sent to both sales

and service customers. A questionnaire with over 12 categories of questions

(many of which have 6 or more sub-questions) is sent to every consumer that

purchases a Yamaha vehicle, which can be quickly and conveniently answered

on-line. The surveys relating to the service department are sent to

consumers who had warranty work completed on their Yamaha vehicle, a little bit

shorter survey, the questions are geared toward how well the service department

at the Yamaha dealer took care of the problem with the vehicle. Scores on these

surveys range from 0 to 100 and a Yamaha dealer must maintain an average score

of 93 and must have 80% of them answered every six months. Therefore, if

only one customer responds and the Yamaha dealer sold 40 units, they would not

be eligible for Pro Yamaha status.


Knowledge at a Pro Yamaha Dealer:

A Pro Yamaha dealer is required to take a variety of on-line

training courses; categories include customer service, financing, parts,

accessories and vehicle information videos.

The parts, sales and finance manager are required to take all courses every six

months, while the parts counter person and salesmen are required to take

courses related to their specific job descriptions. The courses offer a

variety of information to the employees of the dealer and thus make them more

knowledgeable when answering consumers questions.


Service Departments at a Pro Yamaha Dealer:

The service department is an important part of any Motorsports dealership and Yamaha Motor Corporation recognizes the importance of this department. Hands on training classes are required by at least one technician in every Pro Yamaha Dealer every six months. The Service Manager is also required to pass stringent tests on customer service, warranty issues and other factory issues that may come up. The follow-up from the service department is just as important as the follow-up from the sales department in maintaining customers for life.